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Sniperz Canyon at Sniperzden

FEB 28- MAR 2, 2020 – Register HERE.

MORE Details on our Facebook EVENT PAGE

Introducing the brand new 12-acre field, in an old growth forest, in a deep ravine, with huge trees and natural cover and concealment, called “Sniperz Canyon”. The Mission: Capture THE Sniperz Den: An ominous looking, fixed position that houses the enemy communications station, built in the center of the swamp. Traverse your side of the swamp, seek out and eliminate sniperz. Shoot targets at 25, 50, and 75 yards, on the enemy’s side, in order to unlock the next territory you’ll need to advance. Stop the enemy from reaching critical positions in order to make their target shots more difficult, but beware, they will be doing the same thing to you. Use the high ground to scout and counter snipe the well-hidden opponents that may be on your side of the field. It’s a race, to unlock and capture THE Sniperz Den!

Friday: Set up your camp and pick up your complimentary firewood anytime after 10AM. 3 – 6PM(Sunset) – Break in the NEW FIELD. We’ll do some pick up games to test it out and you’ll be able to scout for Saturday! 6 – 9pm – Hitmen Air-Powered Time Trials Individual Competition UNDER THE LIGHTS now added.

Saturday: 9AM Opening ceremony of new field called “Sniperz Canyon”. GET IN THAT PHOTOGRAPH we’ll be taking;-) 9:30am – game briefing 10am – FIRST GAME on Sniperz Canyon! 4-6pm game play formats will be introduced throughout the day… UNTIL DARK! *We WILL squeeze in as many matches as you can handle! *We’ll be moving air and supplies right to the main entrance of Sniperz Canyon! So YES, we’ll be playing BOTH Sniperz Canyon and other parts of the Park throughout the day. Sunset at 6pm 7pm – Hitmen Air Powered Time Trials will be open for fun challenges and practice till 9PM ALL UNDER THE NEW LIGHTS.

Sunday: 9:30am – Game Briefing 10 – 11:30am GAME ON Sniperz Canyon best 2 out of 3. 12pm – FINAL BATTLE: Mystery Base to Mystery Base

2 – 4pm – Hitmen Air Powered Time Trials 3 Gun Challenge for awesome prizes and a global ranking! YOUTH Individual competition for prizes! Special Individual runs and leader-board ranking in between team runs!

Register HERE. THEN… see if you have won a cool piece of gear in our free drawing, just for pre registering before the event. Aaaaaaaaaand SAVE MONEY TOO!

ABOUT US: @SniperzDenStPaul on Facebook will ALWAYS have our calendar of events, so join us there.

Sniper’z Den is an operational farm, but opens up 58 Acres of playing field AND loads of acreage for camping in the orchards. This is THE Special Events Park for all sports Air-Powered!

Open for 3 Paintball and 3 AirSoft events each year, PLUS we are the home of the very first Hitmen Air-Powered Time Trials.

Each event is a different experience, for a variety of reasons, on purpose! ALL designed to enhance your experience here at one of the greatest parks in all of North America! We can handle, and MASTER, 200-2000 player events, as you may have experienced in our featured event, SUPERGAME.TV , held every May. Introducing the brand new 12-acre field, in an old growth forest, in a deep ravine, with huge trees and natural cover and concealment, called “Sniperz Canyon”.

Contact info and Social page info links above in Map. Our moto: “CAMP-FEAST-PARTY-SHOOT” But not necessarily in that order! Be Safe, Have fun, RESPECT the farm.

Pre-Registration Incentives: Always Pre Register for Sniperz Den Events. It helps us provide the best value FOR YOU! There are also ALWAYS fun incentives, like auto upgrades on a variety of amenities, plus you get auto entered into our give-a-way drawings at the event from our great sponsors. THE CROWN JEWEL of Pre Reg is THE Season Pass. It can never be bought, sold, or traded. It can only be won or bid on for a charity. Details of Pre Reg incentives are always listed on the EVENTS Pages. Who would not want free entry for the entire season at one of the greatest parks in North America? Good luck to ya!!!

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