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The LA Hitmen were created in 2005 by paintball industry cornerstone Sonny Lopez. The idea was to create a different kind of paintball team that would champion the ideals of teamwork, technical skill, athleticism, and good sportsmanship that were becoming lost in the world of competitive paintball. Since then the LA Hitmen have grown into a prominent force in the paintball industry.

Unlike other paintball teams who solely participate in one paintball format, the LA Hitmen command respect across 100-percent of the paintball sport, including tournament and scenario paintball. Additionally, the LA Hitmen are best known for their promotion of pump gun play. Unlike the semi-automatic guns used by most paintball players, pump guns allow just one single shot to be fired at a time-hence the team's slogan of "one shot, one kill." Competing with a pump


paintball gun requires extreme talent and tenacity.

The LA Hitmen have won many tournaments and titles, as well as the attention of a large, diverse fanbase. The team's unique roster of players spans across many cultures and age groups, allowing them to relate to a very broad audience. This, combined with the team's dominance on the field, has led to a bounty of media appearances as well as licensed products by major brands.

Looking forward, the LA Hitmen plan to keep leading paintball towards greater mainstream recognition. The LA Hitmen also hope to expand their efforts in educating paintball players about healthy living, and guide the paintball industry in a more sustainable direction. The team is also working to expand its name into other sectors. For the LA Hitmen, success has been sweet and the future is bright.

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